Christina is a passionate teacher who enjoys interacting with audiences that value honest and genuine talk. She is not shy about her insecurities or strongholds and can connect easily with groups from many walks of life.

Her passion for Jesus Christ and His redemptive grace is at the forefront of every conversation, whether it be in front of one or 1000 people.

Speaking Topics


Taken from the pages of Christina’s first book, she introduces ordinary Christ- Followers through the pages of Scripture that everyone can relate to in some way. Simply put, they were human. As you learn about the humble lives of Peter, John, Hannah, Hosea, Mary, and Lady Faith, she interweaves stories from her own ordinary life that has been grounded by mistakes and a need for grace. Together you will all find a common ground, and that is the need for a Savior.  This can be used as a six-week study or broken up into a weekend retreat. It can also be used as a stand-alone talk.


  • Intentionality through Time and Finances
  • The Changing Rules of the Love & Respect dance
  • Three Words: I Choose You
  • Navigating Life Change (successfully face some of life's greatest challenges as two parts of one whole, God's plan for marriage from the beginning)


  • Three Words: I Choose You
  • Raising World Changers
  • Parenting with an Eternal Mindset
  • Raising Successful Adults not just Successful Children
  • Gutsy Moms (how to not get so caught up in keeping your children safe that you pray them right out of God’s plan for their lives)
  • Hard Conversations with Kids: (how and when to talk to your kids about sex, pornography, same-sex relationships, and other topics that make parents cringe)
  • Winning at the Mommy War and other Parenting Battles


Journey with Christina as she unwraps her own family's adoption story of two siblings through the foster care system.  Understand the brutally honest truths about vulnerability in a broken world and how it nearly broke them, yet has evolved into one of their greatest faith journeys and blessing. Hear how adoption wrecked their family by entrenching them into a deeper understanding of their personal adoption as Christ-Followers and co-heirs to the Heavenly Father.  How do you know if God is calling you to adopt?

Spiritual Growth

  • Wholeness to Holiness

  • Joy in Living: the joy of life can be found anywhere God has placed you. You do not have to be a victim of your environment.

  • My Weakness is God’s Strength: understand that there is as much to learn by the absence of God as there is by His Presence. Learn three practical ways to identify weaknesses and surrender them to Christ.

  • Grown-Up Girlfriend Relationships- because mean girls grow up. 


Christina is a wife and a mother of 6 young children, and is very involved in her local church, therefore she is available in advance for a limited number of dates. If you think Christina would be a good addition to your women’s event, retreat, or conference please don’t hesitate to contact her.

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Christina has a unique gift for storytelling and a heart to see justice done in the name of Jesus. I had the opportunity to travel to Africa with her and witness this first hand. She is passionate about giving a voice to the voiceless and encouraging women to live out the calling God has on their lives.
— Lisa Corso, Director of Communications & Creative Media at Menlo Church, CA
Christina is a riveting story-teller who tackles women’s deepest heart issues with unflinching honesty, practical instruction, and immediate hope.
— Cheri Gregory, Author & Speaker