Episode #10: Marriage Retreat Wrap Up

Brandon and Christina have been involved in marriage retreats for the last 12 years, but always on the planning end.  This time they were invited to come as the main speakers for a weekend retreat in California.  It was an enriching experience for their marriage as well as (they hope) for the marriages of the people that were in attendance. Listen to learn the three steps they teach for working through hurt in the marriage. For more information on how to bring the Langs to your event, please use the contact form on christinalang.me

Episode #08: How Divorce Affects Generations (Part 1)

In the first episode of this two-part series, Brandon and Christina share how their marriage is impacted by the divorces of their parents.  They both share intimate details of their struggles as children, and even now as adults as they still work through the pain and confusion of growing up with divorce.  Their hope in sharing these details is to remind every couple that divorce has long lasting consequences that will ripple through generations.

Episode #05: Close Those Tabs

Unfinished conversations in marriage can be just like too many open tabs on a computer. Just like open tabs slow operating systems down and create clutter, so can too many conversations without resolution create chaos as well.  Too many open tabs can lead to unproductive moments with each other, which can end up creating confusion and insecurity in your relationship.  Brandon and Christina have some great advice for you on how to close those tabs!

Episode #04: How Our Stories Connect Us to Each Other

Listen in as Brandon and Christina discuss the unique way each of their stories connect them to each other.  Brandon shares the backstory of why he asked Christina to marry him and how getting married young was a great choice for them.   The conversation heats up a bit as they chat about the idea of a soulmate, and how their pre-marital counseling almost ended their marriage before it started.