A Little Note for Foster Mamas

Yesterday our family served at a festival for foster and adoptive families. In her innocence, my daughter Hope asked me in a quiet moment,

"Why can't all these kids get adopted?"

I told her that some of them might already be adopted, and some of them might be waiting for the adults in their life to decide what is best for them.

"Is this the same place you adopted me?"

"No, sweet girl."

I reassured her that she was never alone, and that a very loving mama took care of her before she came home to our family.

"Can I see that mama? Is she here?"

"She's not here. I don't know if you will ever see her again. But, you might! Look in my eyes baby, I just want to make sure you know that I will always be your mama."

She nodded her head and smiled.

"Just curious though, if you did see her, what would you say?"

"I would tell her that I love her."

THIS is why you do it foster mamas! For just 8 weeks, Hope's first foster mama took care of her exceptionally well. She came home to our family very loved and cared for. I could see the pain in that foster mama's eyes when she handed a pink bundle over to me explaining how she liked to drink a bit from her bottle at a certain temperature before she fell asleep every night. This mama may never know that Hope is thriving now. She may feel like those 8 weeks were pointless because that baby went on to live with a forever family and she was just the temporary mama.

Not true!! My daughter will always know that a selfless foster mama was a part of her story. I will always tell her as much as I know about those first days with her. She will know that her foster mama sent a handwritten list explaining in detail of how to care for her.

That first mama picked my baby girl up from the NICU. She drove her to the clinic to get her first shots. She rocked her and steadied her legs as they shook the remnants of substances away. She patiently fed her for hours as Hope choked nearly every time she had a bottle.

Thank You! With tears streaming down my face, I want to personally thank you for being a foster mama. Thank you for stepping in when the rest of the world is stepping out on these precious babes with their future in the balance.

Hope loves you, and I love you, too!