About Christina

Christina is a Christ-follower whose passions include writing, teaching, chasing miracles, and justice advocacy. She is always ready and willing to say yes to God’s next assignment as long as it involves caffeine and deep conversations.

Christina graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in teaching and soon realized that she would much rather teach a room full of women who don’t have to raise their hand to go potty. Though not opposed to kids (she homeschooled for a few years and served as a children’s pastor) she is much more comfortable in front of their mamas these days.

Christina lives a life of radical obedience in Phoenix, Arizona along with her husband Brandon (15 years and counting) and their 6 little world-changers (4 biological and 2 adopted from foster care). Nestled in a unique urban farm (called an agri-hood), her parents live directly behind them, and her brother and his family are steps away (plus several cousins and extended family within a few miles). She believes that authentic life in community is the healthiest exposure for her children, and together with her husband they host a small group and very loud family gatherings as often as possible.

In her “spare” time, she is freelance writer who relishes traveling out of the country on assignment to experience firsthand profound life-change in vulnerable women and their families. These rich experiences have forever shaped her worldview as she navigates following Christ in the culture she was placed into. Serving and mentoring young mamas is a passion of hers as she values the opportunity to walk alongside women who desire honest relationships with each other and their Savior.  

If you think Christina would be a good addition to your women’s conference, retreat, or you just want to invite her to a really good coffee shop, send her a message here!